Top Facetime Alternatives For iOS & Android Users

Facetime for PC is the most significant app available on iOS devices, some other video calling apps have made their way in the list of the most significant alternatives of Facetime. Some of the alternatives of Facetime are:

facetime alternatives

Google Duo

Google Duo is a video calling dedicated app from Google. It has been recently launched in the market and is really appreciated by its users. It lets you have a video call at very high video quality. Just like other Google products, Duo is available on nearly every mobile platform like Android, iOS, Tizen and many more.

It has some very unique feature like it tell you the caller id of the person who is calling you before even you pick up the call. Generally, Google Duo works really good with wifi and 4G network connectivity but it might not work well with 3G network connectivity. It is a very popular app among users and it has got over 200 million users worldwide.


Skype has been delivering its service for a very long time. It was among the very first applications to provide video calling feature worldwide. Through time Skype has evolved itself with unique features.

Best of all elements are it allows you to have voice calls as well as video calls, you can have group video call with up to 25 people at once, and you can even call the person on his / her contact number if the person is offline. With its latest update, Skype also lets you chat with any person just like you do on other messaging apps.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the first Google service for video calling and it has been used by millions of users worldwide. Though Hangouts is not being used much today due to its rivals still it has way more features than other apps for its users. Google Hangouts is not just a video calling app, along with it, it is also a messaging app just like other messaging apps. It lags no features that any messaging app or video calling app will have.


WhatsApp is among the best messaging apps worldwide. But WhatsApp is not only just messaging app it also lets you have a video call. It is a very lightweight app not consuming much storage space.

Similarly, WhatsApp video calls are also decidedly fewer data consuming. Though you may see that the video quality of WhatsApp video call is not that good but still you can find many of your friends on it and it also uses very fewer data.


WeChat is a social media application that allows you to chat, make voice calls as well as video calls. It is a very appreciated app, and it had been used by millions of user worldwide, but since its rivals, cam in market WeChat is coming down in the list of best video calling applications.

You can suggest us more alternatives for Facetime. We will surely add them here. Now every Smartphone user has a choice to select app according to the requirement of features.

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