Download FaceTime App For Mac, iPad and iPhone – Official 2018 Version

FaceTime App For Mac, iPad, and iPhone are among the exclusive applications developed by Apple. It is officially only available for iOS devices. Though there are methods for using it on non iOS devices. We will not discuss on that topic in this article. FaceTime For Mac, iPad, and iPhone is a video calling application developed by Apple.

FaceTime APP requires WiFi or 4G internet connectivity for making video calls in iPhone and WiFi connectivity in iPad. It supports only the iOS version of 4 or higher and Mac 10.6.6 or higher. For iPhone FaceTime is available for iPhone 4 or higher.

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Since FaceTime for PC is the official application, FaceTime can be easily downloaded and set up using App Store. But before installing you should know that wither your iPhone or iOS devices fulfill the requirements of FaceTime For Mac, iPad, and iPhone or not. You can also use FaceTime on Android with the method we are presenting before you.

Requirements for FaceTime APP For Mac, iPad, and iPhone

a) At First, you need iOS version should be higher than 4.

b) Your device should have the compatible camera.

c) On Mac devices, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher.

d) Then you need iPhone 4 or higher.

e) 4th Gen iPod touch or higher.

f) iPad 2 or higher.

g) Supported in iPad mini and iPad Pro all models.

h) FaceTime For Mac, iPad, and iPhone is not available for the devices in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.

If your device fulfills all the criteria, then you can move on to installing the part. Follow these steps to install FaceTime on your iPhone:

How to Install FaceTime APP For Mac, iPad, and iPhone

a) Open App Store.

b) Then search FaceTime in the search bar.

c) Afterward, tap on getting the button which is right next to the app name.

d) Then verify by giving your ID.

e) Once verified FaceTime iPhone App would download and install on your iPhone.

f) Finally, Go to the home screen and tap on FaceTime iPhone App icon by tapping on it.

 To Use FaceTime iPhone App Follow these Steps

a) At First, Download and install FaceTime iPad App from App Store.

b) Now setup is complete, and you can open FaceTime App.

c) Then provide your mail id and contact number details.

d) Afterward, Tap on the call button.

e) If your friends have registered on FaceTime App, then their name will appear here.

f) Then Choose any of your friends, and on a call menu, there will be an option for FaceTime call.

g) Afterward, Tap on the FaceTime App call option.

h) Finally, you have successfully called your friend using FaceTime App.

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