FaceTime for Android is a video calling application developed by Apple. FaceTime App is exclusively available for iOS users, but we do not design for Android or Windows devices. So if you are an Android user and want to use FaceTime Android app on your device, then you have to download it using 3rd party application market. FaceTime for Android is similar to Skype (another video calling app) in many parts.


FaceTime on Android can connect you with other peoples across the globe. It has a straightforward user interface which makes it highly demanded video calling app. Since FaceTime for Android was only developed for iOS users. Due to the presence of APK file of the application, it can also be used on Android devices. You can download FaceTime for PC if you want to use it on Windows.

>> FaceTime For Android App Information

NameFaceTime For Android
Supported Operating SystemAndroid
Last UpdatedFeb 2nd, 2018
File Size21 MB
Total Downloads56 Million+
Developed ByApple

Facetime for Android uses the front camera for video calling, but if needed you can also use the rear camera by switching it. To get the advantage of FaceTime Android App’s video quality, you must be connected to a fast internet connection.

Otherwise, you may feel some glitches while on a FaceTime Android to Android call. To use FaceTime for Android you just need a cell phone number which will be used for calling. FaceTime App doesn’t take any additional charges from its users.

>> Facetime For Android Free Download

Facetime on Android App Download

It’s quite easy to get FaceTime for Android. It only comes with a different name but features are same. You can Download Facetime for Android from below button. If your phone doesn’t support APK files then you have to allow your device to accept files from unknown sources. All the questions, features and How to use FaceTime for Android Download are available in the above area.

We request you to share your experience with FaceTime Android App and Mac App. You can leave your feedback or suggestions via comments and email. Thanks.

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>> Does FaceTime for Android Use data?

FaceTime on Android APK works using internet data, generally wifi. If you want to make FaceTime Video Call or receive them, then you must connect to wifi. In iOS 6 or later, a new feature provides that allows users to call even when they do not connect to wifi, but when they make a call there 3G/4G cellular data gets enable.

facetime on android

There is some standard data usage in FaceTime for Android App. Five minutes of FaceTime video call uses up to 15 MB of internet data. There is some alternative video calling application. The application allows you to make a video call using your cellular networks, by adding your bill charges.

>> Group FaceTime Calling 

After the launch of iOS 8, FaceTime for Android APK updated with the new conference call /group call feature. But this group call is only for an audio call. So you should have a good internet connection to have a conference call on Facetime app. Just follow the following steps to start a conference call:

  • Call the first participant and then put them on hold for few seconds.
  • Now click on ‘Add Call’ with a symbol ‘+.’
  • Now choose another participant.
  • Click on ‘Merge Call.’
  • Now you are in a conference with two people at the same time.
  • To add another participant keep them on hold and do the same as did earlier.

>> 3 way FaceTime

In FaceTime APK For Android, there is no way you can have 3 way FaceTime that is 3 Way video call. In FaceTime on Android, there is still only one to one video call available. If you want to have 3 way FaceTime then it is only available for a voice call. Ios didn’t provide 3 Way video call as they figured that screen wasn’t large enough to host multiple video streams.

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There is lots of data pass back and forth, even during one on one video call. It is the feature that is provided by most of the FacTime app’s alternatives and not having this feature is the most significant cons of FaceTime. The predecessor of FaceTime for Android, iChat, AV, can create a video call with up to 4 people. But now it has deprecated so you cannot use iChat or AV.

>> FaceTime Online

People do question that can they use FaceTime Online that is in their Browser. The answer to this question is a straight NO. FaceTime app is a feature of iOS devices and Mac computers. There is no available online interface for it. FaceTime for Android requires an app to create a video or voice call to other users. It needs to be online to establish the connection.

>> FaceTime Not Working

Nothing in this world is perfect and similar words apply to well-renown FaceTime app also. FaceTime on Android devices has its pros and cons. In the previous section, we have discussed the pros. Some of the most occurring disadvantages are described below one by one.

The first reason of FaceTime not working is compatibility issues. If you are sure that your device is compatible, then you should check the time zone and in the settings. Since FaceTime for Android is not available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan and now sued in China, you cannot use these time zones.

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>> Compatibility Issues

If FaceTime for Android is not working on your phone then the first thing that you must check incompatibility with your device. FaceTime is compatible with an iOS version higher than 4, Mac OS 10.6.6 or higher, iPhone 4 or higher, 4th gen iPod touch or higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPad mini (all models) and iPad pro (all models). If your device doesn’t fall under the given list, then try upgrading your device instead of FaceTime on Android App.

>> Problems Related to Facetime for Android App Account and Password

You must enter your Apple ID correctly and if you have forgotten your password then try recovering it. To retrieve the password click on Forgot Password! While logging in your id.

>> Problems With Router Configuration or Apple Server

There are lots of issues with a wifi connection in FaceTime for Android app. The problem is due to unstable networks, incorrect routing settings. Check and set all the routing settings and then connect to the wifi. It can solve the problem.

>> Data Plan Compatibility

It is best to use FaceTime App over wifi. But if you are not on any wifi network or prefer to use FaceTime for Android over cellular data then there can be some issues. It is because not every mobile carrier allows the user to use FaceTime over their data packs. Therefore if there is a problem in using FaceTime for Android over cellular data, then this must be due to data plan not being compatible.

>> Facetime for Android App Network Issues

In some devices, there is network problem during FaceTime connection. To solve this problem just switch to the Airplane Mode from the settings and after some time switch it off. It will refresh your networks both cellular and wifi.

>> Restart Your Device

Try to restart your device once and try again to use the service. If this still does not work, switch to the Settings>FaceTime app and deactivate it here. It can take up to 24 hours for you after reactivation.

facetime for android devices

>> Clear the Data on the Device

If even after doing all the upper mentioned solutions, still, FaceTime for Android is not working then you have to reset your device. Remember this is the last option to fix the problem. To reset all settings of the device follow these steps:

Settings>general>reset>reset all settings

It will erase all the data on the device and bring the starting state of the device. Do share your views about FaceTime for Android application.